personal training

goal oriented & focused

Take your fitness to the next level with Push Personal Training. No matter your level of fitness, we will educate, motivate, and inspire you to reach your goals, big or small. Training sessions are one hour or half hour and are custom designed for YOU.


A one-hour personal training session with a Push Fitness trainer is like no other. The greater the intensity, the greater the results. Through 60 Minute sessions, you'll experience tough, stimulating workouts with carefully planned exercises to produce unmatched results.

Your custom plan will get you working hard for 60 minutes. No wasted time!
Your carefully designed plan and your work ethic will get you lasting results!


We like to begin all programs by providing you with a detailed evaluation. Through a set of assessments, your trainer is better able to set up your customized plan. Sessions that follow will cater to your specific needs with your goals in mind.


Private training is the perfect way to jump-start your fitness as both a source of motivation and guidance. It's recommended for those prepared to escalate their fitness regimen and set their goals into play.

Your trainer will guide you and help you realize there are no limits!
You'll feel a sense of accomplishment and your trainer will be proud, too!

how to start

Fill out the form below and our Registered Dietitian Elyssa will reach out to you for a full evaluation. She will be available to answer any and all of your questions and guide you along the way!

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