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By registering for our Push Max classes we can prepare a better workout experience. Using the Mindbody App makes it easy to book classes. You can book classes up to a week in advance, that is encouraged. Download this pdf for help with the Mindbody app registration process.

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mon & tues. 5:45AM & Sat. 10:30am - beginner friendly classes

push max all-stars - ADVANCED CLASS INVITE-ONLY $15 / MEMBER

The ultimate full-body strength and conditioning workout.


114 Boston Post Road - Down the street from Push Fitness. Directions

Download our schedule as a PDF. Put this on your fridge, make it the background screen on your phone, tape it to the toilet seat.

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Class Information

Each class is carefully planned to flow seamlessly together, targeting your entire body, and separating our program from traditional group exercise programs at competing facilities.

Remember to bring your own towel. The closest parking requires meter payment between the hours of 8AM - 6PM. We have change at the front desk if needed.

Contact us for any questions about the schedule. We are sometimes doing extra curricular sporty activities so be sure to ask if you're interested. Long runs, spontaneous tennis, 2 on 2 basketball, joining local volleyball leagues - we like to keep it fun and interesting.


We know life can get in the way and sometimes you may have to cancel after registering. Please make sure you cancel 24hrs ahead of time or else you'll be subject to 100 burpees at your next class.